Social Cause Influencers: Vienna & Jayden

Sussex Pride is thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to two remarkable individuals, Jayden (he/him) and Vienna (they/them), as they join The C.A.U.S.E’s Social CAUSE Influencers Program! Jayden and Vienna will grow their social media skills this year and use those skills to promote positive messages to young Delawareans and to support our LGBTQ+ Youth!

The Social Cause Influencer program is for youth ages 13-18 who live in the State of Delaware. Youth are trained by professionals from The CAUSE in a partnership with the State of Delaware’s Division of Services for Children Youth and their Families.

Jayden (he/him) has truly become a hero in our community, not just as a fierce LGBTQ+ advocate, but as a dedicated volunteer firefighter at The Lewes Fire Department too. When not aiding his community, Jayden can be found cherishing lifelong friendships through quality time

Meanwhile, Vienna (they/them), is a passionate activist, using their voice to speak up for racial justice, disability justice, and queer and trans liberation. Their love for humanity truly shines through their everyday work and devotion to history and politics.

We couldn’t be prouder of Jayden and Vienna, and we know they will represent Sussex Pride and the LGBTQ+ community in Sussex County with the same passion and commitment that they have shown in Sussex pride.