Strengthening the Delaware State Aging Plan

Strengthen the Delaware State Aging Plan

State Aging Plans are an important blueprint for serving older adults. Aging plans are designed to help older individuals maintain their health, independence, and quality of life as they age. These plans typically include a variety of services and assistance, such as home health care, meal delivery, transportation services, and community engagement programs. While aging … Read more

State Wide Tobacco Focus Groups

Tobacco Focus Groups

Do you use tobacco, vaping, or e-cigarette products? Are you living with someone who smokes tobacco products?We are looking for adults, ages 18 and older, to join us in small two hour focus group meetings sponsored by the Delaware Division of Public Health to discuss these topics. A light meal will be provided. Participants will … Read more

Suicide Prevention & LGBTQ+ Youth in Delaware

Stephanie Traynor, Delaware Division of Services for Children, Youth, and their Families

LGBTQ+ Community organizations recently had the opportunity to meet with Ashley Dawson from the Department of Services for Children Youth and their Families (DSCYF) to discuss suicide prevention efforts and LGBGTQ+ Youth. Anita Smulyan (representing PFLAG Rehoboth Beach), Jim Bianchetti (representing PFLAG Wilmington) and David Mariner (representing Sussex Pride) learned more about the statewide youth … Read more

Hate Crimes Against the LGBTQ+ Community in Delaware

Delaware Hate Crimes Against the LGBTQ+ Community

Hate crimes are heinous acts of violence or aggression targeting individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or other identifiable characteristics. Such crimes are not only an offense against individual victims but also an attack on the values and principles of a society that values diversity and equality. The state of Delaware recognizes hate crimes as … Read more

Transition Related Care for Transgender Youth

Transition Related Care

As extremist lawmakers in state after state try to attack our transgender community’s basic health care, the misinformation is rampant. Serious misconceptions about transgender people are fueling legislation from Florida to Missouri to Mississippi – and they all aim to stop young people and their parents from accessing essential mental and physical health care. Some … Read more

Shower of Stoles Project

Shower of Stoles Project

The Shower of Stoles is a collection of over a thousand liturgical stoles and other sacred items representing the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of faith. These religious leaders have served in thirty-two denominations and faith traditions, in six countries, and on three continents. Each stole contains the story of a GLBT … Read more

Volunteer for a Program Committee

Susssex County LGBTQ+ Community, Delaware

Sussex Pride Program committees are made up of community members like you, along with representatives from other non-profit organizations and state agencies, working together to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ+ folks living in Sussex County and the state of Delaware. Sussex Pride currently has two committees meeting monthly. They are our health committee … Read more

Volunteer or a Sussex Pride Board Committee

Sussex Pride Board of Directors

If you’re interested in getting more involved in Sussex Pride, serving on a board committee may be a good fit for you. Our Board of Directors has three standing committees, and you do not need to be a board member to volunteer for one of these committees. It is an excellent way to meet some … Read more

Volunteer at an Outreach Event

Sussex Pride Outreach Events

Sussex Pride has several outreach events coming up and we are looking for some volunteers to help. Volunteers will staff the outreach table, talk to visitors about Sussex Pride, collect email addresses, and answer questions. If you don’t think you know enough about Sussex Pride, don’t worry, there will be others there to back you … Read more