Assessing the Status Quo of Delaware Victim Service Provision to the LGBTQIA+ Community

Delaware Victim Service Provision to the LGBTQ+ Community

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). During DVAM, victim advocates, allied professionals, survivors of abuse, their loved ones, and the surrounding community come together to mourn the lives lost to domestic violence, celebrate the progress that has been made to end this epidemic, and connect with others working to create change.  LGBTQIA+ survivors of … Read more

VAWA and the LGBTQ+ Community

VAWA and the LGBTQ+ Community

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a federal law that aims to protect women from domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The law was first passed in 1994 and has been reauthorized several times since then. However, despite its focus on women, the law has also had a significant impact on the … Read more

Suicide Prevention & LGBTQ+ Youth in Delaware

Stephanie Traynor, Delaware Division of Services for Children, Youth, and their Families

LGBTQ+ Community organizations recently had the opportunity to meet with Ashley Dawson from the Department of Services for Children Youth and their Families (DSCYF) to discuss suicide prevention efforts and LGBGTQ+ Youth. Anita Smulyan (representing PFLAG Rehoboth Beach), Jim Bianchetti (representing PFLAG Wilmington) and David Mariner (representing Sussex Pride) learned more about the statewide youth … Read more

Hate Crimes Against the LGBTQ+ Community in Delaware

Delaware Hate Crimes Against the LGBTQ+ Community

Hate crimes are heinous acts of violence or aggression targeting individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or other identifiable characteristics. Such crimes are not only an offense against individual victims but also an attack on the values and principles of a society that values diversity and equality. The state of Delaware recognizes hate crimes as … Read more

Pride Series Call for Submissions

Pride Speaker Series

The Pride Speaker Series invites potential speakers to submit lecture proposals. Speakers are invited to present on clinical and social justice topics related to gender, sexuality, and wellness. Each lecture is typically an hour with questions and discussion to follow. Please submit lecture proposals to Julissa and Noah at The series takes place on … Read more

Delaware Boards & Commissions: Kathy Carpenter

Kathy Carpenter

Congratulations to Sussex Pride Board Member Kathy Carpenter. Kathy has been appointed to serve on the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association, and will serve on the Rules Committee. The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association is an organization that oversees and regulates interscholastic athletics in the US State of Delaware. The Board consists of a total 22 voting … Read more

House Bill 230: Trans Refuge Bill

Trans Refuge Bill, Delaware

House Bill 230 was introduced in the Delaware State Legislature on June 15th by representative DeShanna Neal. The Bill would: Additional sponsors of the bill are Senator Kyle Evans Gay, Senator Sarah McBride, Rep. Valerie Longhurst, Rep. Eric Morrison, and Rep. Debra Heffernan. Rep. Paul Baumbach is a co-sponsor. Rep. Neal made the following statement … Read more

Rehoboth Pre-Pride Flag Raising Happy Hour 

Rehoboth Beach City Hall

The City of Rehoboth will raise the Pride Flag on Monday June 5th in honor of Pride Month. This will take place sometime between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM. Glenn Lash is hosting a pre flag raising happy hour at the Purple Parrot starting at 3:00 PM. The group will gather at the Purple Parrot … Read more

LGBTQ+ Panic Defense Bill Introduced

LGBTQ+ Panic Defense Bill

Update: This bill has been passed by the General Assembly. The LGBTQ+ Panic Defense Bill has been introduced in the Delaware State Legislature by Eric Morrison. The LGBTQ+ Panic Defense is a legal strategy often used to defend perpetrators of violence against LGBTQ+ people, claiming that their violent reaction against an LGBTQ+ person was caused … Read more