Bullying Allegations and Incidents Reported in Delaware Public Schools

Delaware Department of Education Bullying Report

The Delaware Department of Education has released a report on bullying allegations and incidents reported in Delaware Public Schools in the 2021-2022 School Year. The executive summary is reprinted below, and the entire report can be found at the bottom of this page. Executive Summary Bullying is best defined as repetitive conduct designed to harm … Read more

FBI Documents Increase in Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crimes

FBI 2022 Hate Crimes Statistics

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently released their annual hate crime statistics for 2022. The report sheds light on the prevalence of hate crimes in the United States, and the severity of the impact it has on marginalized communities. One of the most alarming statistics in the report is the steady increase in hate … Read more

Delaware Stonewall Wants Your Input!

men and woman hold the stonewall banner

Delaware Stonewall PAC held its 18th annual “Summer Funder” at Shrimpy’s Bar and Grill in Rehoboth on August 13, 2022.  A political action committee whose mission is to help elect candidates who support equality, fairness, and opportunity for all, Delaware Stonewall PAC honored local pioneers and announced the endorsement of candidates for the 2022 election cycle. … Read more