Welcome Angel / Lamar

Sussex Pride Welcome Angel Lamar Delaware

Sussex Pride is excited to welcome our new intern Angel or Lamar Kellam whose internship will be with us from January through the end of April. They are gender fluid and go by either the name Angel or the name Lamar. They sometimes dress in a more masculine mode (as pictured here) and go by … Read more

Delaware PIT Survey & LGBTQ+ Youth

Delaware Point in Time (PIT) Survey

The Point in Time (PIT) survey is a federally mandated annual event that aims to identify the number of people experiencing homelessness. The survey collects data on how many people are experiencing unsheltered or sheltered homelessness and what factors contributed to their current situation. The survey is particularly important for marginalized groups such as LGBTQ … Read more

Hotline for Unhoused Youth in Delaware

Homeless Youth Hotline

The Runaway and Homeless Youth Project of CHILD, Inc. operates a 24-Hour Runaway Hotline that serves as a vital link between runaways, their families, and CHILD, Inc. counseling services. The Project provides free individual and family counseling, a temporary emergency home, and related services to runaway and homeless youth and families experiencing stress. Call (302) … Read more