Hotline for Unhoused Youth in Delaware

The Runaway and Homeless Youth Project of CHILD, Inc. operates a 24-Hour Runaway Hotline that serves as a vital link between runaways, their families, and CHILD, Inc. counseling services. The Project provides free individual and family counseling, a temporary emergency home, and related services to runaway and homeless youth and families experiencing stress.

Call (302) 762-6373 or text (302) 290-5900

The hotline and temporary housing is available to all unhoused youth in Delaware no matter where you are located. Contact the hotline if:

  • You ever felt like running away.
  • You don’t feel safe at home.
  • Your Parents kicked you out.
  • You are sleeping on a friend’s couch.
  • You are lonely, confused, or scared.

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