Tobacco Free for Every Delawarean

Members of the LGBTQ+ community have faced a history of oppression and discrimination that directly translates to disproportionate health risks. This includes having higher rates of tobacco use and vaping.

About 1 in 5 LGB adults smoke cigarettes, compared with about 1 in 7 straight/cis adults. When looking at trans adults the percentage of cigarette smokers is 35% higher than that of straight/cis adults. Estimates of smoking prevalence among LGBTQ+ youth range from 38% to 59%, compared to a prevalence rate of 28% to 35% for the total youth population.

Delaware tobacco control programs should include representatives from LGBTQ+ organizations in disparity reduction planning and intervention development.

Delaware public and private funders should recognize LGBTQ+ communities as a priority population for tobacco prevention and cessation services.

Delaware needs evidence based interventions that are designed for priority populations, including the LGBTQ+ Community.

Get Involved

The Sussex Pride Health Committee is working to reduce LGBTQ+ Health Disparities in Delaware. We typically meet on the second Wednesday of every month via zoom. To join our google group, email To learn more visit You can also find us on facebook at or on instagram at