Participate in COVID-19 Prevention Studies

If you have a condition that indicates you are immunocompromised with a CD4 < 350, and you have received a COVID-19 Omicron vaccine booster within the last 7 weeks, or plan to receive a booster in the near future, you may be eligible for free antibody testing and the opportunity for future participation in COVID-19 prevention studies.

You’re not alone. Even after being vaccinated against COVID-19, some people who have weakened immune systems due to underlying conditions may not have developed sufficient protective antibodies against COVID-19. As part of a research registry, you may be eligible to get a free antibody (titer) test to understand your antibody levels up to two months after your COVID-19 booster. You may also be eligible to participate in an upcoming investigational study for COVID-19 prevention.  Participate from the comfort of your own home.

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