SDARJ Presents a Dialogue Toward Ending Racism

The Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice (SDARJ) Presents a dialogue toward ending racism.   In these seven weekly 2-hour sessions, 8-12 individuals will discuss race, racism, and possible solutions to end it.   Trained facilitators will lead each group as either a virtual or in-person group.   Groups will start mid-September 2022.

At a culinating gathering, participants from all the groups will gather at an Action Forum to plan specific actions moving forward.

If interested as a participant or facilitator, reach out by email to:  For more information about SDARJ visit:

There is no cost associated with this event

1 thought on “SDARJ Presents a Dialogue Toward Ending Racism”

  1. This group will be right on time for me in that I have an expanding belief system. The BLM movement has stirred some under lying racist beliefs that were instilled from my past generations and which brought less than stellar behavior (nothing physical) by me.


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