Sussex Pride Marks the Transgender Day of Visibility

As the world celebrates the Transgender Day of Visibility, Sussex Pride takes this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the leadership of transgender community members in our organization.

The Transgender Day of Visibility was established in 2009 to celebrate the resilience and accomplishments of the transgender community while raising awareness about their rights and challenges. Today, we honor the leadership and achievements of our local transgender community members whose dedication and work help Sussex Pride thrive.

“Nothing about us, without us, is for us” states Executive Director David Mariner. “That old adage was true for gay men in the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and it is true for the transgender movement today. Across our country, the transgender community, and particularly transgender youth, find themselves under attack. It is crucial that the transgender community has a seat at the table on our board and the boards of every LGBTQ+ organization.”

Kathy Carpenter Brown, Vice Chair of the Sussex Pride Board of Directors, states: “Sussex Pride is working to create a safe haven for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. We are working to create a more positive outlook for transgender youth.  We want them to know that our community supports, accepts and includes them. We are working to provide access to trans affirming care. We strive to bring equality to Delaware students in the classroom and on the field of competition. We are working with legislators, healthcare providers, schools and allies  to ensure that tomorrow will be different for the entire pride community.”

Kathy is one of the four transgender Board Members that comprise 1/3 of the Sussex Pride Board. She is joined by Bobbi Strang, Jamie McKenna, and Dr. Kameryn Lee. We also recognize the contributions of two transgender volunteers, Blush Rain and Blake Denny.

We recognize that there is still much work to be done to ensure that transgender individuals can live their lives free of discrimination, harassment, and violence. Sussex Pride remains committed to advocating for the rights of transgender individuals through education, awareness, and support.

As we celebrate the Transgender Day of Visibility, let us renew our commitment to working towards a world where transgender people can live their lives freely and with dignity.

Kathy Carpenter, Board Member
Kathy is the founder of Transliance, a non-profit group dedicated to helping transgender people network, learn, grow, and come together socially in safe, trans friendly venues. Kathy is also President of Brown’s Real Estate Services Incorporated. She is the Vice-Chair of the Sussex Pride Board and co-chairs the Health Committee.

Blake Denny
Blake is a certified peer recovery specialist at Impact Life. Blake is a new member of the Sussex Pride Health Committee and also recently applied to serve on the Behavioral Health Consortium. Blake and Sussex Pride Executive Director will be presenting two workshops on supporting LGBTQ+ youth at the upcoming Delaware School Counselor Association Conference. Blake is passionate about supporting LGBTQ+ Youth.

Dr. Kameryn Lee, Board Member
Kameryn J. Lee, MD, MSPH, FACOG is the founder and principal of the Radically Inclusive Consulting Collective, a recently developed consultancy that focuses on racial, LGBTQ+, and gender-diverse health equity, social justice, and education. She is a 2021-2022 American Medical Association/Satcher Health Leadership Institute Medical Justice in Advocacy Fellow, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, and a fellowship-trained minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon. Kameryn co-chairs the Health Committee.

Jamie McKenna, Board Member
Jamie is a graduate of Villanova University and Seton Hall University School of Law, and is a member of the New York and New Jersey Bars. She spent most of her career in and around New York City, with practice areas focusing on corporate litigation and appellate advocacy. Upon coming out as a trans woman, she moved to Delaware and shifted to primarily non-profit work. She is a member of the American Bar Association and the International Society of Professional Females.

Blush Rain
Blush Rain serves on the Sussex Pride Aging Committee, which is working to support LGBTQ+ Older Adults in Sussex County.

Bobbi Strang, Board Member
Bobbi Strang is a bilingual professional with ten years management experience and expert knowledge of the DC Workers’ Compensation Act of 1979. She is skilled in public speaking, writing, interviewing, training, and assessment. Expertise in workers’ compensation, labor relations, workforce development, education, management, and workplace investigations.

Sussex Pride works to celebrate, strengthen, and support the LGBTQ+ community in Sussex County and the state of Delaware, working through a social justice lens. We focus on arts & culture, health & wellness, social and support groups, and advocacy for our community.