Transition Related Care for Transgender Youth

Transition Related Care

As extremist lawmakers in state after state try to attack our transgender community’s basic health care, the misinformation is rampant. Serious misconceptions about transgender people are fueling legislation from Florida to Missouri to Mississippi – and they all aim to stop young people and their parents from accessing essential mental and physical health care. Some … Read more

House Bill 230: Trans Refuge Bill

Trans Refuge Bill, Delaware

House Bill 230 was introduced in the Delaware State Legislature on June 15th by representative DeShanna Neal. The Bill would: Additional sponsors of the bill are Senator Kyle Evans Gay, Senator Sarah McBride, Rep. Valerie Longhurst, Rep. Eric Morrison, and Rep. Debra Heffernan. Rep. Paul Baumbach is a co-sponsor. Rep. Neal made the following statement … Read more

Sussex Pride Marks the Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility

As the world celebrates the Transgender Day of Visibility, Sussex Pride takes this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the leadership of transgender community members in our organization. The Transgender Day of Visibility was established in 2009 to celebrate the resilience and accomplishments of the transgender community while raising awareness about their rights and challenges. Today, … Read more

Call for Support for Transgender Veterans

Trans Veterans

Sussex Pride invites individuals and organizations to join us in signing on to this letter asking President Biden to remove the regulatory exclusion on gender affirming surgery from VA’s Health Benefits package. In the U.S. Armed Forces, transgender people serve at a disproportionate rate when compared to their cis-gender counterparts, making the Department of Veterans … Read more

Medicare and Transgender Older Adults

Medicare and Transgender Older Adults: What Transgender People Need to Know

It has been almost ten years since the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) changed longstanding policy and began coverage of medically necessary gender-affirming surgeries. In that time there has been significant clarification of Medicare policies for many services to transgender adults. The National Resource Center on LGBTQ+ Aging and their colleagues have put … Read more

Volunteer: Trans Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Volunteers are needed to help plan the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) was started in 1999 by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith as a vigil to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998. The vigil commemorated all the transgender people lost to violence since … Read more

ChristianaCare Launches Gender Wellness Program

ChristianaCare Launches Gender Wellness Program for Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals

ChristianaCare has opened a Gender Wellness Program to provide psychotherapy and support services for individuals age 13 and older who are exploring their gender identity or experiencing gender dysphoria—a sense of incongruence and distress that a person may have because of a mismatch between their gender identity and their sex affirmed at birth. The program also provides … Read more