Sussex Pride Marks the Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility

As the world celebrates the Transgender Day of Visibility, Sussex Pride takes this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the leadership of transgender community members in our organization. The Transgender Day of Visibility was established in 2009 to celebrate the resilience and accomplishments of the transgender community while raising awareness about their rights and challenges. Today, … Read more

Resolution Supporting LGBTQI+ Youth Introduced

Rise Up for LGBTQI+ Youth Legislation

Senator Brian Schatz, Rep. Mark Takano, Rep. Barbara Lee introduced a resolution March 28th titled the Rise Up for LGBTQI+ Youth in Schools Resolution to Protect LGBTQI+ Youth. Sussex Pride is proud to join GLSEN, the National Education Association, and LGBTQI+ Community Centers across the country in supporting this initiative. The Resolution: Learn more about … Read more

Join this LGBTQ+ Alzheimer’s Study

LGBTQ+ Alzheimer's Research

LGBTQ+ folks are at greater risk for Alzheimer’s then the general population. 7.4% of the LGBTQ+ adult population is living with dementia, and Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of Dementia. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “The LGBTQ community may face particular challenges related to Alzheimer’s and dementia. These include finding inclusive and welcoming health … Read more

Tennessee Drag

Tennessee Drag by Glenn Lash

Op-Ed by Glenn Lash I woke up last Friday to this: “Tennessee on Thursday became the first state to enact a law explicitly targeting drag shows, while also joining a growing list of GOP-led states to ban gender-affirming health care for transgender youth. The drag show provision criminalizes performances that take place in public or … Read more

Call for Support for Transgender Veterans

Trans Veterans

Sussex Pride invites individuals and organizations to join us in signing on to this letter asking President Biden to remove the regulatory exclusion on gender affirming surgery from VA’s Health Benefits package. In the U.S. Armed Forces, transgender people serve at a disproportionate rate when compared to their cis-gender counterparts, making the Department of Veterans … Read more

Free Support & Medications from Delaware Quitline

Delaware Quitline

Smoking rates are higher among LGBTQ+ individuals compared to their heterosexual counterparts. This is due to various factors, such as stress from societal discrimination, socialization within LGBTQ+ communities where smoking may be more common, and targeted marketing by tobacco companies. Moreover, smoking-related illnesses, such as lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases, are significant causes of death … Read more

LGBTQ+ Health at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Delaware LGBTQ+ Veterans Afairs

The LGBTQ+ Health Program at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aims to raise awareness about the unique health care needs of LGBTQ+ Veterans and to ensure high quality care in a safe, affirming, and welcoming environment. VA Health care includs among other services There is an LGBTQ_ Veteran Care Coordinator (LGBTQ+ VCC) at every … Read more

Blood Bank of Delmarva Stands with LGBTQ+ Community

Blood Bank of Delmarva

The Blood Bank of Delmarvsa is speaking out about proposed changes to the FDA Blood Donation Guidelines and encouraging the community to do the same. The guidelines currently restrict men who have had sex with men in the past three months from donating blood. While this is an improvement from the previous guidelines, the proposed … Read more

Kathy Carpenter Donates Items to Delaware Historical and Cultural Affairs Collection

Kathy Carpenter Brown

The Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs has added new items to it’s permanent collection of approximately 104,000 objects. Kathy Carpenter, found of Transliance and Sussex Prided Board Member, has donated her dress, tiara and certificate from when she was crowned Miss Sussex County Amateur in 2000. Beginning in 1988, the Renegade Bar held … Read more

National March for Queer and Trans Youth Autonomy

March for Queer and Trans Youth Autonomy

Queer Youth Assemble, a queer youth-led national nonprofit organization, is planning A National March for Queer and Trans Youth Autonomy to take place on March 31st. They are currently planning a March in the District of Columbia, as well as all 50 states. This is a youth-led movement. If you are a young person interested … Read more